Kamran Diba


Kamran Diba, born on 05 March 1937 in Tehran,Iran, started painting in the late 50s in the United States. His early paintings are influenced by “abstract expressionism” or New York school. During the 60s he participated in group exhibitions such as Corcoran Gallery biennials (a museum in Washington D.C.), in 1963, Gallery Realites, (Washington D.C.) showed a one- person exhibition of his abstract paintings. Although he learned and started painting in the States, the Iranian culture and civilization gradually influenced his work. The result was a series of paintings influenced by composition of Persian illuminated manuscripts and calligraphy. Before returning to Iran he participated in Tehran Biannual, and represented Iran in the Paris and Venice Biennials.

Diba founded, designed and directed the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art in 70s and collected one of the richest collections of modern and contemporary art. Karim Emami in the encyclopedia Iranica refers to him as an art catalyst in Iranian society of 70s.

Recently his paintings of 1961 was shown in IRANIAN MODERN ART MOVEMENT from the collection of TMoCA
Diba’s recent works relates to the collective memory of Iranians. The titles and images are somehow familiar to at least two generations of Iranian people.

He presently lives in Europe; his recent work is scheduled to be exhibited in Tehran and Dubai in Ave Gallery.

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