Selected works

Livre sur l'oeuvre de Yuri Kuper contenant une préface de Mikhaïl Guerman, suivie de 10 chapitres (peintures, sculptures, céramiques, gravures et lithographies, tapisserie, bijoux, architecture, maquettes de théâtre, scénographie de théâtre et livres illustrés).
Version anglaise. Préface originale en russe traduite en français.

"Few artists of our time, even the most famous, have achieved what Kuper has. He is one of a rare few whose art combines intrepid contemporary experiment with virtuosity of the highest order and a supremely subtle sense of rhythm and form. Kuper has creative courage in abundance. His art is defined primarily by its independence and deliberate distance from what others think and do, from what is most in demand. But he is not isolated from the "global artistic plasma" ; he belongs to his time. Let me repeat unashamedly. This is an extremely rare case in the history of Russian art abroad. Kuper has achieved his success in the West exclusively on the basis of the quality of his art. Not through current social relevance or politics, not through diatribes and allusions, not through denunciation or mocking, ironical sotsart. But precisely through the art itself." Mikhaïl Guerman

Yuri Kuper. Selected works. Patrick Cramer Publisher, 2017. Volume cousu fil de 504 pages,  532 reproductions dont 514 en couleurs, relié plein carton, couverture illustrée en couleurs, 30.5 x 24 cm. Texte en anglais. Préface originale en russe, traduite en français.

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